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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Some coaches have been advocating the application of a ready position at the end of the service motion, since modern tennis allows the returner to get the ball back much faster than the old daze.
You end your motion in a relaxed, non ready position with arm dangling by your sides and feet together.
Swing faster.
I think in match situation i recover to a better ready position.
Funny....It is only with the slice out wide that my racket goes around my body a little more.

mikereller: I'd like to see a little more body turn. I'm not saying start out like Johnny Mac with your back to your opponent but just a little more body turn might gain you a few MPHs.
Post #4.
It's not your stance with your feet, it's your body and shoulder alignment that takes away potential trunk power twisting into the serves.
Well...for one thing, the more extreme stance didn't do it for that won't work. I will need to work more on the shoulders as you say.

As for eventually ending around my body without hitting myself, I will have to work that out. Maybe I have to pronate less for this to be possible.
(there is a lot of momentum on my pronation which throws the racket out sideways away from the body, instead of around it)

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