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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post

stephens will only improve ... it's what's between her ears (her attitude determines her altitude) that makes the difference ... and women's tennis, itself, will be the better for it. IMHO
She may or may not improve. Oudin's truly impressive USO run had the talking heads predicting the same thing, yet this did not happen. Vaidisova also had impressive majors runs, and long before she retired, it was apparent her run was not to become something she would build on.

That happens more often than new players rising to become majors winners.

4. You claim Azarenka's best tennis is behind her, when her career is still in the freshman stages? Funny you do not say anything of the sort about the loser in your avatar.

Bias is never a good thing.
hahaha ... that's your opinion and youre welcome to it, but mine is just as good as yours! ... Bias is what opinion is to the guy with a different opinion, so right back atcha big guy!

I don't remember vaidisova, and i never felt strength from oudin ..... as for the "loser in my avatar" ... that i agree with you on. she's a loser and a cheater, as is azarenka .... can't win without creating the hindrance of the scream ... the williams sisters also pull the hindrance scream out of their pockets whenever they start getting behind ... hahahaha at the way errani/vinci screamed as much and ended up beating the WS ..... that's what all those cheating screamers deserve: screaming in kind ..... a scream is not a grunt. grunting is not the problem. screaming is the problem.


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