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Default Strung my first racquet last night! But some questions...

Hi everyone so after 3 grueling hrs, finally did my first job last night. But after the ordeal I have some question maybe you experts can help with! Just as an fyi, I'm using a gamma x-2

1) how firmly should the clamps hold the strings? It was not until I was at the most narrow setting that the strings would 'slip'... and I was using 16 gauge synthetic gut!

2) is it possible that the klipper string pattern guide is not fully accurate? I strung a 110, 16/19 as a 2 piece... the klipper guide stated that i tie my main off at 'T' (top) when clearly the last weave was at the bottom?

3) there is quite a bit of non-tensioned string between the clamp and a stringing tie-off spot. doesn't this slack cause the strings to lose tension?

4) tightening knots = very difficult... on one tie, i semi-mangled the string. any tips? The yulite video didn't really help much i thought =(

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