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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
I'm just comforted in what I think. Davydenko is just an example, but I'm speaking about dozen of players who are really good, who have strong weapons, who were overshadowed by top players, even if they did beat them from time to time. The field of the 1956 french pro is not that impressive by the way:
I was trying to think of a player of recent times that comes closest to Trabert. It's tough because players have two handers now instead of one handers. The closest I could think of as a match for Trabert may be Agassi. Trabert like Agassi had a great forceful return. They were strong on backhand and forehand and they weren't the quickest on the court. Trabert was a superior volleyer and had a better serve but Agassi was probably quicker. I do think Agassi's groundies were somewhat stronger.

May not be the best comparison but for now that's the best I could think of.
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