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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I was trying to think of a player of recent times that comes closest to Trabert. It's tough because players have two handers now instead of one handers. The closest I could think of as a match for Trabert may be Agassi. Trabert like Agassi had a great forceful return. They were strong on backhand and forehand and they weren't the quickest on the court. Trabert was a superior volleyer and had a better serve but Agassi was probably quicker. I do think Agassi's groundies were somewhat stronger.

May not be the best comparison but for now that's the best I could think of.
I didn't mean playing style but playing level. A lot of players deserve full recognition, but a top-10 list have to be a little bit selective, otherwise we can simply list the numerous players who impressed us, played good to great on some occasion, and so on.
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