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I coach college tennis at a D3 school called Drew University. My top 2 guys for sure could play D1 as they were both 3 star level players. That being said, for the academic level of Drew there aren't many D1 programs that would offer full or even half-scholarships that a 3 star would get. We played a team this year that had 4 former D1 starters and of the 6 courts they played on, we won 5 of them. We are a good program that goes to nationals every year, but we aren't even nationally ranked. The bottom D1 schools are usually weaker academically and athletically and may or may not even offer scholarships. If you aren't at the level of going pro or getting a full ride to a good school, I would go to the best school that fits the academic, social, athletic, geographic, and financial needs. Academics, should take highest priority.
Thanks Coach.
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