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Originally Posted by Kilco View Post
Wow!! How can Murray not be a class act. He is great with the press, very respectful to everyone he talks to. He always congratulates his oppenents with they have gotten the better of him, even in grand slam finals and matches where he could have been forgiven for being sour about his loss. Sure he gets annoyed with himself on the court but that is at himself. He never directs it at anyone in a disrespectful way. He carries himself well off the court and is a very down to earth nice guy. Many people who have spoken with him and dealt with him have mentioned many of these things. That is class.
Since Murray hooked up with Lendl, he's become a headhunter. Lendl was notorious for this behavior when he was on the tour. Did you see that way he took a short shot when Roger was at the net and tried to blast him with it some time after the heated exchange? Murray has done this quite a few times in the past year or 2. Murray, himself, was very critical of this type of action before Lendl changed his thinking on it. Class act?
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