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Originally Posted by Kilco View Post
Haha Murray aiming at Feds head? Hitting Tsonga in the balls? I say any tennis player has the right to hit the ball at any player if that is what they deem the best shot to hit! It's a legit shot so nothing wrong with it. Like doubles, if you get a chance aim straight for the body and put away the next one. Murray just ran for a ball and hit it as hard as he could in the best way to in the point. Nothing wrong with that. If Fed aimed his words at himself then that is fine but he seemed to stop look at Murray, and then say it. If that is the case then it wasn't very nice.
Singles is not doubles. IMO going at a player when you have another shot available is not the best course of action, and Murray tried it twice in the Wimbledon final when he had another shot. He slipped and went t its up on the second one though. Either way, we know who taught it to him. The classy Mr. Lendl.

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