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Your friend is right. When one plays tennis, you are supposed to hit the ball where your OPPONENTS want the ball hit!

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I was talking with a 4.0 female friend who plays 8.0 USTA mixed. She was saying she was deeply unhappy with her 4.0 male partner in a recent match because he kept trying to hit through the opposing lady at the net with his groundstrokes.

My friend was feeling like her partner's targeting of the opposing female meant it would be open season on her and the opposing male would feel free to retaliate and hit at here. My friend also said it was rude and unsporting for her partner to do what he did.

Now, I know we have had many threads here where many guys say they would never hit at the woman. I am asking about the female perspective: Do you actively discourage your male partner in league mixed from targeting the opposing female with volleys/groundstrokes? If he started doing this, would you tell him to stop?
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