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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
No, there is a difference between opinion and the facts of history--the latter you are not using.

Fact one: in 2012, many treid to write of Serena after the AO/FO results. That blew up in their faces as she won Wimbledon, the USO and made history at the Olympics. You are doing the same thing, and trying to ignore that a fully healthy Serena was next to invincible in the 2nd half of 2012.

Please tell us how that is not how history unfolded.

How long have you watched tennis? She reached the semis of the '06 FO, semis of the '07 AO, and was a Wimbledon QF in2007/'08. Far greater majors run than Stephens, who only reached a majors SF thanks to an injured player.

Fact two: If you recalled history, then you would know Vaidisova and Oudin had stronger majors runs, but it did not amount to anything. Stephens has not proven anything by getting (what amounted to) a near-walkover by playing an injured player. Further, you cannot spin or erase her 1st set beatdown at the hands of Azarenka, who (before that set was midpoint) clearly had more than an edge over Stephens. Thus, her AO results are no idication that she is part of some "new guard" in the way majors winner Azarenka is.

Her USO run was all the "strength" one needed to think she was going somehwere, having defeated 3 top players in a row, but for all of that success, the game fell apart, and everyone figured her game out.

It is amusing how the majority of players never complain about this so-called screaming, nor does it prevent others from defeating such players, otherwise, Sharapova would have 30 majors by now if it was such an advantage. Moreover, Kvitova is about as mousy as anyone could be, but she's not campaigning to bring an end to vocal players.
oh my. how angry you are. the future has yet to be revealed ... funny how you call the screamers "vocal players" ..... and how you refer to it as "so-called" screaming ... there are instruments that can measure the decibel level, revealing the difference between a "grunt" and a "scream" ..... Hello! "history" has nothing to do with an individual's "biased" (according to you) opinion ... opinions aren't based on "history." instead, theyre based on whatever "facts" have accumulated inside the head of the individual who has the opinion.

go ahead. keep soft pedalling their cheating and pretending that their screaming isnt offensive ..... i've heard commentators talk for a couple of years now about how the other players are afraid of serena, how they freeze up and stop playing their usual games when s.williams ("i'll stuff this ball down your throat") is their opponent ..... I like sloane for not being the timid mouse those others are.

none of us is obliged to believe that the other players dont complain about the screeching, screaming, ruination of the enjoyment ..... because i've heard commentators reading emails over and over for two years now about how the screaming has ruined their enjoyment of watching the matches. didnt you see the FO a couple years ago where the fans wouldnt stop imitating/mocking azarenka? and did you notice how happy and cheering they were when s.williams went out in the first round last year?

it's the fans complaining about those hideous screeches that has caused officials to try to figure out how to stop it .... cheaters like vika say with scornful contempt, "Good luck with that." that's the way those cheaters are: they apply "any means necessary" to continue adding to their millions, including hindering their opponents with screams to mask the sound of the ball hitting the strings of their own rackets and continuing until the opponent is about to hit the ball on the other side of the net .... not to mention taking ten minute MTOs when the rules permit only three!

p.s. I've only been watching tennis since Rafa beat Fred in Wimby 2008 ... and i can't afford one of those high priced satellite or cable systems that allows people to watch every match!


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