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Originally Posted by Sreeram View Post
Andy handled the incident greatly. He atleast agreed that Fed said some nasty thing. I am sure Fed did that to get into Andy's mind as he cannot accept losing in Majors to a guy to whom he never lost before. We can all act like good humble human being by supressing our envious nature but it comes out at times. Fed's true greed came out. We all witnessed it. It is great that Andy played it cool in press. There is a reason why Andy is celebrated by press.

Fed fought with a brave heart until that moment. He could not have done anything better against Andy today. Andy was differnt animal. Fed did well in hanging in the match by winning 2nd set tie break. Finally Andy showed Fed what he deserved by some *** kicking stuff in final set. Hope Fed now gets the reality about his skills.
Fed is a chump and a journeyman.
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