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OP kumar157, I think these gents have spoken some true words. In my life I went to college for an education and tennis was an afterthought. Although I did enjoy playing for the team, I always knew it was just a hobby with some perks.

Continue to think long and hard about why your kid is going to college and what it will reap for him decades down the road. After graduation tennis stops (at least for the college team) and it fades away as the new job, wife, house and life and other maturation events get in the way. Maybe tennis comes back in the mid-thirties after life is more stable.

Sad it would be to have committed so much time and have such determiniation to play D1, actually play D1, and upon graduation look back and realize the wrong school was chosen all for the sake of hitting a ball over a net. Sports do help kids/adults with competition and energy release. Sports are great. Heck, we fill this forum based on a sport!

College is about the other 50 hours a week and working on the mind for the future.
I think your post, and the two others you cited, raise excellent considerations. But I would like to offer a parallel perspective.

How can I say this? If a youngster has a choice between Harvard/Stanford without tennis, and D3 East Armpit U with tennis, I think the youngster should choose Harvard/Stanford.............all else, such as finances, being equal.

Between the extremes of Harvard/Stanford type schools and EAU-type schools there is a vast middle ground where career prospects probably won't differ much for hard-working students.

Of course, even in this middle ground it is important for a youngster to choose a school that seems a good fit, academically, socially, and for extracurriculars. But if playing a DI sport is the deciding factor in choosing such a school, I wouldn't deter the kid.

In fact, as I believe someone else here has already said, having a D1 sport on the resume often is a valuable career-booster, and D-1 sports teaches unique life-lessons that can be productively applied in any career or profession..
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