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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
Stumbled across this - coaches have their lineups listed for this weekend - Depth Charts

UVA has Domijan, Jenkins, R Shane, Styslinger, Frank, J Shane.
USC: Sarmiento, Gomez, Johnson, Quiroz, Hanfmann, Wang
UCLA: Giron, Novikov, Puget, Mkrtchian, Thompson, Sell
Ohio State: Rola, Kobelt, Van Engleen, McCarthy, Steinbach, Smith - Steinbach just added to roster.
Georgia: Singh, Pasha, Pieters, Wagland, A Smith, Brasseaux
Pepperdine: Fanselow, Sarkissian, Tearney, Alcantara, Hovhannisyan, Sofaer
Duke: Cunha, Saba, Redlicki, Mengel, Hemmeler, Tahir - No Semenzato listed.
Illinois has Hiltzik at 1
Stanford has Paige at 3
thanks for your post... interesting indeed ...

UVA: Frank @5
USC: Johnson @3
UCLA: Puget @3 and Thomson @5
Pepperdine:Sarkissian @2

It all looks to be an interesting year coming up...
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