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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
I tried two experiments to see if I could find something that felt equally nice as GPro but without the cost. Both failed.

1. Gamma Syn Gut at M:33,X:30. This was crazy. It was impossible to control unless I REALLY forced myself to keep a FIRM and FULL western grip. And even then it felt like a crap shoot.

2. Pro Supex Maxim Touch in the Mains at 61, Forten Nylon in the crosses at 58. This was MUCH better than number. Felt soft enough and comfy, but it lacked the feel and feedback that GPro gives me.

I have a lot of GPro but I hate to burn though it since I could be selling it to customers. There's just nothing else quite like it for me. It's soft, but not mushy. Comfortable, but not "spongy."

I would say the only knock against it is that it does lose some tension. But I'm also experiment with prestretching it, and I think that might resolve the tension loss issue. Although, for me, it doesn't matter that much, since I break it in about 6 hours anyway.

Maybe I'll try GPro mains and Gamma Syn Gut crosses next.
Maybe try Gamma Pro Mains w/ Maxim Touch crosses? I agree about Gamm Pro being one of the best and also one of the most "gut like" multi's. Maxim Touch is also one my all time fav multi's.
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