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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
undercover umpires still need tapes to show cheating when they go on trial.. I'm pretty sure the cheaters's parents will protest and raise hell .. electronics is so cheap now, hi-tech is everywhere..
Agreed. This whole notion is polyanic. The USTA will never go to this length. The concept is Rediculous and ripe for law suits. All the *****ing about how bad the refs are and now folks are condoning the USTA add extra policing of junior tennis? Could you imaging the uproar when your kid has been secretly busted by Big Brother USTA?

Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
One boy in our section got suspended for 3 months because of cheating. He was a lot better in the last sectional championship.

My son usually calls out the score before he serves; he often asks his opponent to confirm the score before receiving serves. I don't recall he has ever got cheated on the scores.

I watched 7-8 matches at the past winter nationals for B18, witnessed many playing out balls; saw only one bad call. Cheating was much worse when my son played 12s. So, kids usually are getting better as they get older.
What was the exact nature of the kids suspension? Did you see the suspension letter? I'm not challenging you, this sounds like a typical code violation suspension associated with bad behavior. Would like to hear more details though if it was for cheating.
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