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Never mind. We talked about something else, so I brought it up.

I decided to make the point with a story. I started off saying her partner probably figured that doubles is won by targeting the weaker player. I said a lot of guys are very reluctant to win points off the woman, though.

I remembered a match I had in which my male partner in the deuce court was getting crushed by the opposing guy. My guy was just not strong enough in the rallies, and we were getting destroyed. I had observed during warmup that the opposing woman had zero BH volley.

I told my guy to take a ball up the line into the alley she was hugging so desperately. He said he was worried he would hit her. I said, "Don't worry about hitting her. Don't hit it hard. Don't even look at her. Just guide it down her alley so that you 100% make the shot. If she hits a winner, she hits a winner."

He did it, she botched the volley. He did it twice more, and she botched each volley.

Her partner then pulled her back to the baseline. This allowed us to send every ball to her and win the match.

The best part about that story is that it is 100% true.
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