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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Depends on what line of work you want to be in. If you want a job in sales having a sport on your resume is an big asset because they want those competitive personalities.

Otherwise sports on the resume is just for decoration. Icing on the cake. If you've got good grades and internship experience it makes you look better, but if you don't have the grades or the internship experience on your resume tennis isn't going to compensate for that.

When I was interviewing early in my career, it went largely ignored. It's just another extracurricular activity. Maybe someone would ask a stupid question like if you ever played against anyone famous or if the interviewer played tennis they might jokingly ask if you would be a ringer on their 4.0 team.
This is contrary to my experience as both a job seeker and later in life an employer.....both in professional rather than sales settings.

As a job seeker, maybe I was asked the very first time what my grades were. Was never asked after that. My college sports career (not tennis) was always brought up.

As an employer interviewing job candidates, I inquired about relevant job experience and tried to judge character and work habits. I never asked for a college transcript. I always asked about activities, and sports in particular.

How many out there have had to bring a college transcript to a job interview, except for maybe your first one? Yes, I know grades are important for acceptance to grad school
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