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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
57 seconds is not poor at all. not great but not poor, especially for a Tennis Player.

It is also a myth that distance runners are slow. People always say that sprinting and running are totally different things but generally if you are fast you are fast.

olympic track distance runners are fast as hell. the great Said Aouita who was a 5K world record holder could run the hundred Sub 11 and 400 Sub 47. without a good kick in the end you are not going to win a 5K or even 10K at the highest Level.
Almost by definition top track athletes are far above average runners. But still, Said Aouita is slow compared to Usain Bolt, though he is much faster than most of us.

The 400 meters is a brutal race. I've run it twice competitively in my life and I probably won't again. At the time, I could run under 11 seconds in the 100 meters, but mid way through the 300meter mark rigor mortis started setting in and I'm surprised I made it to the finish. You need to pace yourself on the 400 to do it well.
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