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10 ladies with Chinese surname are currently ranked top 200 WTA (sorry for being a little deceptive).

#6 Li Na
#27 Hsieh Su-Wei (Taiwan)
#32 Peng Shuai
#40 Zheng Jie
#86 Chang Kai-Chen (Taiwan)
#117 Chan Yung-Jan (Taiwan)
#131 Zhang Shuai
#137 Zheng Saisai - Was she impressive in doubles?
#169 Zhou Yi-Miao
#178 Grace Min (US)
#193 Wang Qiang

I think only the very top Chinese ladies (like top 50), who can go deep in tournaments to earn good living with prize money and endorsement have chosen to get out of the state sponsored program. Most juniors and WTA or ITF profs are still sponsored by the state or provinces. These pros will get a salary and all the expenses are paid by the state; but they only get to keep 50% of the prize money and endorsements. Carlos Rodriguez was working in China before he joined Li Na's team. Michael Chang has a tennis academy in Shenzhen. More and more top coaches will be working in China...

10 American and 10 Russian women are ranked top 100 now. This trend shall continue. Keys will be ranked top 20 likely this year; Townsend may be ranked top 50 in 2 years. They and Sloane are future grand slam winners. Has anybody foreseen an American man winning a grand slam in the next few years?
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