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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
almost all other racket sports, squash, badminton, pingpong, have more strategy as they have less potential to power your way thru.

what other individual sports can you not power your way thru? too many.

dubs don't count.
are you trolling? stop wasting our time please.

In case you're not:

Can you give us an example of table tennis or badminton strategy that is more complex than tennis? or explain how strategy is more important in that game?

Squash has different angles and can be as strategic as tennis at times, especially as there are fewer winners past the intermediate level. Below the intermediate level, whoever has better skills usually wins emphatically in squash. More importantly, how are you able to see strategy in squash, but not tennis?

You bring up an interesting point with your "power your way through" comment. Tennis players regularly beat opponents with more powerful strokes, or who are more physically fit. It's exactly that tennis is a strategic game that allows them to do this. The corollary in squash is to say that it is a reflex game, which is, obviously, not the whole picture as the 50 year old at our club consistently demonstrates when he trounces me...
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Real tennis:

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