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Default Sampras retirement after he won 02 US Open was a big mistake.

I really think that Roger today and before him Agassi is a proof that you can still play some great tennis and be competitive as you get older.I know that Sampras have some early defeats in majors as he gets older but there was still some great tennis left in him after he won his last slam in 2002 Us Open.Sampras could still play some great tennis in 2003 and he might steal some slams against Agassi in AO or more likely 03 Us Open against Roddick. I think on his good day he would still be a more threat to Fed in Wimbledon than the likes of Roddick or Philipossis.I think Roger knows that he is going to lose more than he wins against the likes Nadal,Djokovic and Murray but he still competitive and he can still win like he did in last years Wimbledon, after having not win a slam since his 2010 AO.In a way that is good to see Federer not doing the same mistake like Pete done after he won 2002 Us open.Even at some point someone break his record he wont have any regrets that ı could have done a little bit more,because he is giving himself every possible chance before saying goodby.
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