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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
Are you implying that these Chinese ladies used PED to win tennis matches? I recalled that only one guy got caught for using PED a few years ago. Experts would likely point out that tennis is not about the speed and strength, you win with skills, control, mental toughness, endurance, flexibility... Who is the most famous cheater, a guy named Lance!

Going back to GA's prediction that Chinese women will dominate tennis in 10 years. I am not sure how one defies dominance. I would say it's possible that in a few years, 10 women with Chinese surnames would be ranked top 100. These ladies could be produced in China, Taiwan or US (like Grace Min or Claire Liu?). More top tennis coaches will be hired to train youth in China and some promising juniors may even get trained in academies in US or EU. However, the only sport that China has dominated and will continue to dominate is table tennis.
I was kidding as I thought Brad's post may have been tongue in cheek. Not saying the Chinese are doping their tennis players but they have doped other athletes in the past, that's all. Would not put anything past the Chinese government.

Regarding your experts comments, would those be the same experts who early on in the Baseball PED's conspiracy, said PED's in baseball did not make a difference for the same reason? They contended PED's really just helped primarily with injury recovery.
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