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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
You guys should try Solinco Outlast in the 99s. It's a perfect string for it!
Hi Jack, I just cut Outlast 16g out of my frame because of tension loss. Before the big drop in tension, it played great. Spin was excellent, feel was good, and not too high powered. However, around the 6-7 hour mark, the tension fell dramatically and it lost all its' good qualities. It started making a very annoying buzzing sound upon contact also. I feel as though this racquet causes tension loss to be more rapid. Maybe it's the string pattern? I don't know. I got it restrung with Silverstring 1.25 and am waiting to try it out

My other frame with 16g Prince gut/RPM blast 16g plays amazing. The spin is ridiculous. The mains seem like they are sliding a lot smoother than with 4G crosses. A little more powerful than gut/4G but not overly so. The only downside I see to this is the durability. There is heavy fraying and unraveling of the gut in the sweetspot and it looks like the gut won't last much longer. This is after about 4 sets of doubles and 2 sets of singles.

I think I am done with the gut/poly experiments. It's getting too darn expensive. I'm going to start my search for a 16 or 17 gauge poly that can retain most of its playability till it breaks.
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