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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
"I can't think of any other racquet I have used that feels quite like this frame."
Could you please elaborate a bit?

Have you thought using a hybrid with Pacific Classic gut in the crosses?
It is a little difficult for me to "feel", but I guess I can try to elaborate a bit. I tend to want to use the term "plush" to describe it because I have often heard it used but never had a frame that seemed to fit the bill. The frame feels solid on contact I would say on the muted side with the dampener. Yet I still feel connected to the shot and feel like I am placing the ball as well as I ever have. The sweet spot does feel pretty generous and is probably why my backhand feels so much better. I will say that my forehand has taken some adjustment, but that is mainly on low balls because I am not getting behind the ball enough (I tend to hit my forehand with more spin than my backhand).

I am still surprised by the power and depth I can generate with a relaxed swing, but control does not take a huge hit for the added pop I get compared to my PSL. I am actually swinging a little tentatively at times because I was so used to the low powered response of the PSL.

I did receive one with a multi in the mains but I preferred one strung up with Luxilon 4G as the string bed felt more consistent so I went with lower gauge poly's and am pleased with that. I have yet to string one up with a multi or gut in the crosses.
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