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Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
Once again I wouldn't call it elite (unless you're on the heavier end) in absolute terms. Perhaps for tennis though but that level of absolute strength is likely unnecessary. I.e. chasing a 2.5xbw won't do as much for your tennis game as actually improving technique

I wasn't intending to use Tom as an example of a tennis player that squats, rather as a better example of a bodybuilder that squats very well for Chas, in contrast to whomever he looked up
When I was a sprinter, I don't recall anyone doing 2.5x bw, and one of my team mates made the Olympic trials in the 100 meters. One of my friends would do sets with about 2.5x bodyweight but he was a lunatic (though natural amateur bodybuilder) who would sometimes vomit blood after a particularly heavy set. It just seems quite rare to me (perhaps not elite) for any amateur athlete to squat 2.5x bw, except for power lifters and serious bodybuilders.

At that time, I could pull 2.5x my bodyweight with straps, but I was never good at the back squat.
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