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No way... Pete did it right.

Could he have possibly won another major? Sure.

2002 definitely would've had some openings... by 2003 though he wouldn't have won squat.

I think Pete might have played another season if he wouldn't have won the USO...

But that draw went absolutely perfect and he won.. and he knew he was damn lucky to get that win..... rarely will anyone be lucky enough to do it that way again.

Too many careers end in the way Venus Williams, Lleyton Hewitt, or Michael Jordan did... with a lot of losing.. hanging on too long.

I can only hope that Federer and Nadal leave in a similar fashion... but since Pete's the exception... i bet they leave under circumstances that involve losing and/or injury...

Sure would suck to see federer end his career on an injury.

I understand he couldn't retire after this year's wimby with being #1 and the olympics coming up.... but I would be 100% happy IF he were to win another major and insta-retired on that high note.... or at least retired at the end of the season where he won said major.
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