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Yes I work on hitting on the rise or at shoulder level on heavy topspin balls. My results are that I hit a similar ball back..deep with top on it. It is a very tough ball for a player 4.0 or under to handle in a match. When I play a solid 4.0 player, I usually just hit inside out forehands like that until their backhand breaks down.

I never subscribed to targeting, and if you watch the AO, it is obvious that players are not hitting for targets, but are in fact using angles and direction. this is especially obvious in a WTA match. Now if 5263 were here, he would try and say that he saw his system being used just to try and make it seem legit, but it's obvious if you watch that it does not happen.

Long story short, hitting deep balls at the 4.0 level will win you a lot of matches especially if your serve is good too. those rallies you are practicing will help prepare your mind for the matchplay. Just stay relaxed, and hit it pretty deep.

Now and then I will attack a high ball because I was taught how to do it. It is a great way to get in your opponent's head and force UEs. It seems to work really well once you are warmed up.
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