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Originally Posted by Sgv10sPlyr View Post
My son is in the Las Vegas Regional tournament this weekend, but the weather forecast indicates rain for Saturday and Sunday. I am in the Los Angeles would you guys still make the drive out there and wait around for the whole weekend? shows 40% chance of rain on Saturday and good weather for both Sunday and Monday in Vegas. Your son can still get to play several matches, even if Saturday were to rain out.

I pulled my son out last years L3 in Atlanta because of 80-100% chance of rains everyday Saturday to Monday. The tournament director was ok for me to pull him out, raining was my excuse in my email. I don't think any boys matches were completed. All players except us got refunded for the entry fees. But we still saved a few hundreds in car rental and hotel; we were not thrilled for wasting $300 to cancel non-refundable air tickets.
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