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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Unlike Federer, he wasn't consistently getting into the deeper round of the slam, so no, it wasn't a mistake to retire. He was struggling to win even the mickey mouse tournament.
I agree with you. Sampras was clearly struggling all year.

It's not really a bad thread. I can understand the OP looking at the situation in hindsight, comparing Sampras to Federer at his current age. But Federer is still a threat to win any tournament. That was not the case in 2002 with Sampras.

At the time, it looked like the Sampras 14 singles Slam record was safe for years. When you compare Sampras to Borg, then it is crystal clear that Borg had a lot more to offer. Considering he was 26 when he retired. But on the other hand, I'm judging Borg. Borg had his reasons to retire and obviously they meant something to him.
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