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Originally Posted by CoachingMastery View Post

On the other hand, as Raul pointed out, those who have a grip-shift habit will shift the grip more when the racquet is held too relaxed. The grip shift occurs as the racquet moves into the collapse phase of the backswing. Thus, it is usually the most unconscious moment of the player's feel of the racquet in many cases. This transition from near collapse to the upward acceleration point in the swing causes many players to re-grip the racquet as the hand tends to want to grasp the racquet in the stronger Eastern Forehand grip, (but, obviously, a weaker overall grip in terms of a skilled serve.)
Thanks Coach Smith.

Yes, I believe the grip shift is occurring around the collapse phase of the back-swing.

I believe I want to make sure there is no gap between the palm pad and racquet (grip is too loose) as it moves into the collapse phase... As suggested, I am placing coins in the palm to check that they do not fall out during the swing.
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