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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I spent 6 hours fishing with a guy quite tied into Chinese tennis. Taiwan does its own thing in regards to tennis so take them out of it. Min is US as you said.

A handful of decent Chinese pro women, nothing much to speak of ITF.

The government does not push tennis like the massive efforts for gymnastics and other sports. Any sponsorship is not a great advantage and no more than other countries. There is no obsessed government program to develop tennis players.

Sure tennis coaches and academies will open as the population increases its affluent members. parents will pay for coaching like they do here. No reason to think they will produce exceptional players though, any more than elsewhere.

The fact is there will be no great surge in Chinese tennis pros, there will be a few hits, like with most tennis playing countries.
TCF - Agree. It's really hard to find a tennis court in China unless you live in one of the largest cities. So, your and GA's daughter will likely face more challenge from girls and women from Russia and Eastern European countries.
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