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Oh, I'm keeping one, to go in my coffin with me when I'm buried: hope to play it on God's green fields. Here's something I wrote long ago. It's a little rough:

Elegy to a Discontinued Tennis Racquet

O Calamity! O Woe is me! They’ve dumped the Max 200 G!
That classic frame!
The Choice of Champs,
Made in England, not in France.

Wielded by McEnroe and by Graf.
Stalwart Weapon---Victor’s Staff!
Deployed by the Mighty Navratilova,
And now it’s playing days are over.

Injected plastic stuff, the frame
Gives maximum flex and minimum pain.
Comfort complete, you could play for hours
With “Outstanding Vibration Dampening Powers”

Oh they trot out frames with similar names,
They tell you they’re new and they’re finer.
But that’s not true---they lie to you
And send you junk from China.

Racquets come and racquets go.
Clog attics above and basements below.
And in this world of pointless change,
Dunlop killed her company’s fame.
To Praise, To Bless, To Preach--the Dominican Order
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