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Originally Posted by Day Tripper View Post
Things I observed from last night's match..

1. Murray's serve has improved out of this world.
2. The gradual slowing of the Aust open court surface has seen the Aust open go from my favorite to least favorite slam to watch.
3. Djokovic will win the Aust open in 3 sets.
1) yes, probably the primary reason he won the match... in addition Federer didn't have his A service game.

2) French is still my least favorite. Although aussie is close due to time issues... i really don't watch much of the tournament. I've watched about the equivalent of 3 full matches.. i'll watch the replay of the final, maybe.

3) really? definitely could happen, but i suspect murray grabs A set at a minimum. Unless fatigue is a factor, the guy is playing damn good... remember the Djoker that played Stan could show up too
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