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Originally Posted by NeverGassed1212 View Post
It is a little difficult for me to "feel", but I guess I can try to elaborate a bit. I tend to want to use the term "plush" to describe it because I have often heard it used but never had a frame that seemed to fit the bill. The frame feels solid on contact I would say on the muted side with the dampener. Yet I still feel connected to the shot and feel like I am placing the ball as well as I ever have. The sweet spot does feel pretty generous and is probably why my backhand feels so much better. I will say that my forehand has taken some adjustment, but that is mainly on low balls because I am not getting behind the ball enough (I tend to hit my forehand with more spin than my backhand).

I am still surprised by the power and depth I can generate with a relaxed swing, but control does not take a huge hit for the added pop I get compared to my PSL. I am actually swinging a little tentatively at times because I was so used to the low powered response of the PSL.

I did receive one with a multi in the mains but I preferred one strung up with Luxilon 4G as the string bed felt more consistent so I went with lower gauge poly's and am pleased with that. I have yet to string one up with a multi or gut in the crosses.
Try Kirshbaum Pro Line 17 at 54 and Pacific Classic Gut or Babolat Tonic crosses at 57 at least once. I will use this setup next week when I get my rackets, one strung with poly/gut, the other with full Pro Line. I will post my impressions.

I remember when I had a VCORE 100 S poly/gut felt very good but it was Revenge and VS. I also used poly/gut with a RDIS 100 MP and it felt good but so did the full poly (Weiss Cannon B5E) (felt good to but not that soft). The good thing about Yonex is that one can use a stiff poly or a soft string and get away with it. With rackets like a Pure Drive or Aeropro stiff polys are not recommended.
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