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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
say you get a joe six pack, average build, athleticism everything, in late 20s, guy is now a 3.0, and wants to get to 4.5 in the shortest time possible.... how would you do it?

I have an idea - I'd let him only use the continental grip, and work on serves, volleys, baseline chip shots.... and his strategy will be S&V, or delayed S&V on serves, and chip-n-charge on return games?

is this idea crazy or not?
I think your approach of building a conti-gripping super attacker for this type of player is the exact opposite of what you should do.

To me, and attacking super player with all conti grips would only make sense if the guy is tall, has outstanding hand/eye coordination and is an above average athlete. S&V requires explosive quickness and outstanding reflexes. The guy you described has none of these attributes.

Just teach the guy to play good solid well rounded tennis so he can enjoy the game.
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