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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
no need to change your grip. federer hits eastern and has, by some measurements, the 2nd highest topspin on tour.

just hit with a more closed racquet face at contact. think 10-15 degrees. you might find that you have to swing forward faster, or adjust your stroke otherwise, but it will come through feel. hitting with a closed racquet face at impact gives you more topspin than hitting flat.

much easier than messing around with overly wristy movements.
Respectfully, closing the racquet face at contact with no other changes means that you'll just hit the ball into the net. Closing the racquet face in and of itself does not produce topspin. The racquet has to have a component of its velocity going up to produce topspin. You can get some gentle topspin by swinging low to high ala the classic forehand, but if you want the ball spinning the way that is possible with a modern swing path (like Federer) youíre going to have to add a significant upward component to the swing and that upward component has to be present at the contact point. Flat contact with a WW follow through looks nice, but doesnít actually create topspin. Generally to get the upward component in the swing path requires some combination of pronation of the forearm and upper arm rotation. With an Eastern-ish grip, at contact itís going to be mostly forearm pronation, with upper arm rotation being used mostly to decelerate the WW motion.
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