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Ytex Octo-Twist 1.25 ... 55/52lbs ...

copy of my review;

Strung in one piece by pro-stringer on Völkl C9 Pro. Played on clay - indoors and outdoors, with Head ATP balls. Break-in period wasn't required. Impressions – very soft, elastic and comfortable string, textured and twisted - but the spin was moderate. The crispness and the solid feel were missing; the string felt like muted, waxed one. The stringbed was large and there were no problems with off-centered shots. From the baseline – the string provided shots with the desired depth and power, but the control wasn't on a level! Serves – the flat ones were rarely long and therefore an extra wrist was required. On the net – the string provided excellent touch and feel, but required an extra slice to achieve accuracy. During all that 8 hours of play, I didn't notice significant tension loss. There was no string movement. IMPO, the string has to be used as a cross with other stiff co-poly. Bottom line: Soft all-round string with a lot of comfort and feel, but do not string it on a soft frame - every advantage has its drawbacks. Strung as a fullbed, the Octo Twist will not work for big hitters and top spin players.
Volkl C10 Pro, YPTP 53/50
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