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Federer definitely played a weaker batch of players in his prime. He was lucky to get to his prime in that era when players were not both talented and fit as today's Dkjo and Murray. None of the payers he played to win in GS titles who are still playing are in top 10 (exculding Murray and Djko). Those whom he beat in current top 4, Murray and Djko especially are playing at a totally different level now. They are no longer babies like when he beat them.

Rodick, Hewitt, Bahgdathis who were playing with current batch of players cannot even make to top 10. If it happens with one player it is fine but none of them can be in top 10 then it means they were not playing the current level of today's top 4.

Having said all this, I am not a Federer hater, he deserves the credit for his success. But we have to agree that Fed at 25 in today's draw will not have the same success. May be 40% of what he had at that time only he can have if he was 25 in this era.
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