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I like the targets. Back in the 90's and early 2000's all I ever heard was "hit deep," and my sharpest groundstroke angles were to the corners. The targets have been pretty good practice for safely hitting sharp angles that land very close to the service line and move off the court from there. I had trouble visualizing how to hit those angles before and our college coach never had us drill or practice groundstroke angles sharper than to the corners. IDK about you but I need to practice targets often - and days when I am not concentrating and watching the ball well or become tired out I can hardly hit them, like when I played mad dog I was very tired and only hit the deuce target maybe 3 times, then I think never again after the first 45min.

4.0's.. a lot of them can hit a pretty good shot but without reliable placment and tend to over-hit after a few shots. Or can get a lot of shots back reliably with placement but not much speed. Well those are the ones I run into anyways.

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