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Originally Posted by ctoth666 View Post
It's very difficult to call whether or not a player at one time is better than another player at another time. For the most part it's impossible to do so. But Murray is an amazing player, especially now that he's playing better than ever, and I don't know that Federer was ever that much better than Murray is now. Federer has never dominated this blue Australian Open surface, and I would argue that even though he won the 2010 event, Murray, Djokovic, and Nadal have all been better on this surface. Federer dominated on a different court at a different time, and although his greatness is undisputed, he had to beat Marcos Baghdatis and Fernando Gonzalez for two of his titles. I mean, there hasn't been easier opposition in a major final in the past five years, and Federer has been much less successful.
Fernando was playing too good for anyone but Roger. The assault he put on Haas was mind blowing.

Baghdatis was easy though...almost was 2 set to love against Federer.
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