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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
I think there's far less point construction than there was in the past. From a purely third person observer, games appear to be slug-fests. Just keep hitting the ball as hard as you can until the other person caves in.

I think the "older crew", those that are 30 or older have a little more in the way of point construction. But the young guns, the new crew, I think they're just standing at the baseline hitting the ball as hard as they can, because they can.

I don't see much in the way of calculations, plans and strategies.
That is my point. Only a few simple strategies like hit where the other guy isn't, don't hit up the middle, try to come to the net to finish the point - things that come naturally with playing matches.

They routinely hit up the line over the high part of the net, go for broke on several shots, don't follow the directionals, etc. ATP points start from the 4th stroke onwards, if they managed to survive the serve, and the server did not put away a weak return.

It is basically about power and stamina now, and of course good strokes.
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