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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
I could cheat and google this, but that wouldn't be cricket. Knowing your proclivities and recalling our frequent baseball-centric conversations, I would guess either Bags or Bonds. And since there are only 2 triples in this season and Bonds in his younger days could run like hell, I would guess Bags.

Ain't baseball fun? Pitchers and catchers are not far away, my friend.
Bags it is, but oddly enough Bonds only had 1 triple in 94 the infamous Strike year. He put up those numbers with 50 games left to play.

He was averaging more than an RBI a game, so 180 RBIs may have been in reach. as well as 55 bombs.

I was going to put up George Bretts 1980 season stats next. Then I got to reading about the year and they had players born that year. noticed Mark Tiexera was born on the same day to the year as me. Now Im upset becuase that guy was a total bumb and just seems like a huge A-Hole.
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