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Originally Posted by ledwix View Post
What is your title implying? That Federer's last year is 2013? It will be hard for him to drop to 5 to 8 when he is making grand slam semis on average. Ferrer won 7 titles last year and still could not break into the top 4 that year even with Nadal out for so long.

It amazes me, the absolutist nature of tennis fandom statements on these forums. There are lots of rounds played in a match, momentum shifts, mental gaffes, etc. Federer has the experience/intangibles to pull off a 7-6 set win while playing crappy, as we saw multiple times yesterday. Yet somehow a tough five-set loss against the younger player in a semifinal means he will never win a slam again.

Federer would have won no slams after 2008 and Nadal none after 2009 if they had mindsets like yours.
I love Roddick's quote about this.

If I win one, its like career appreciation day. Then if I lose one, its like we should take him out in the field and shoot him in the head.
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