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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
I could cheat and google this, but that wouldn't be cricket. Knowing your proclivities and recalling our frequent baseball-centric conversations, I would guess either Bags or Bonds. And since there are only 2 triples in this season and Bonds in his younger days could run like hell, I would guess Bags.

Ain't baseball fun? Pitchers and catchers are not far away, my friend.
Damn, you boys are fun. I knew X's (only 'cause I'd gone looking at his sad passing last week)...and was with him on his assessment of HW's return. But I googled both to confirm.

Pitchers & Catchers: mid-Feb. What a Valentine's Day present!

Side note: if you get SI, there's a full-page ad from the Bud folks that brought me to tears: Big '6' on fabric background with the title "The E.R.A. in Heaven is about to go way up." No other adverts on their part other than the logo and a "Thanks for the Great Times". In an issue with with sports "hoaxes" (Te'o & Lance), they still devoted 3+ pages to "The Man" (with another 2-column short on Weaver and described him as the Mozart of managerial ejections...LOL).

Damn, I miss The Game. I just lost it all with the 'roid rage. I'd much rather have sat through an "almost" no-no...then seen so many balls jacked outa the park.

Two Damns in one post. I'm certainly waxing sentimental.
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