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Default adidas Stan Smith

OK, gang - here's a weird one. I was banging around on the adidas site, and noticed that they no longer had Stan Smiths for sale. I just figured it was some kind of between-seasons thing and paid it no mind. But I went back a few days ago, and still no Stans. So, curious, I called adidas and asked; the customer service lady didn't know anything, but said she'd let me know. A couple of days ago, she sends me an email saying that adidas won't have Stan Smiths in stock for the rest of 2013. No explanation beyond that. I looked online and didn't see anything about any kind of contract snafu between adidas and Stan Smith (the man), so that seems unlikely. So how on Earth can adidas suddenly not have the most popular tennis shoe in history in stock for more than a year? It just seems strange. Maybe it's some issue with where they're manufactured; that seems to make the most sense. But I figured that, if anyone would know, it'd be one of you. So...any clues?
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