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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
status update: Well I've been working out the past 5 days and I have gotten a lot stronger. However, I played a match today (didnt play tennis the past 8 days) I felt very out of sync and couldn't hit a shot past 2 strokes as my arms felt very very weird. Anyways I lost the match but after more times practicing I started to feel my strokes and I was beating everyone on the team including the guy I lost to earlier. btw im playing comm college tennis
Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
I find it hard to believe that you could make much noticeable difference working out for only 5 days.
Originally Posted by nyc View Post
That are some quick results!

What's your secret?
Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
"WORKING OUT" pays it's dividends 6 months down the line, not now, or until then.
You mind has to adjust to your new body, and if you're body is changing, the mind lags behind a few months.
Workout now, reap the benefits by the middle of summer.
sorry, like some of the others have already said, 5 days isn't enough to build enough muscle to see a noticeable increase in strength. increasing strength like endurance happens over time. to build muscle and strength, the existing muscle has to be overworked to the point of fatigue to trigger the body to rebuild the muscle stronger to deal with the increased workload. only after you have a solid base will you see big gains in strength and muscle mass before you plateau. once you reach that plateau, you have to change up your routine to shock your muscles/body into dealing with a new increased workload.

and like LeeD mentions, it takes time to adjust to the additional muscle mass and strength. once you have greater strength, your racquet will feel like a feather which will alter your timing so you'll need time to adjust to that.
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