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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Your Native American Name is

Chebona-Bula, meaning laughing boy

For my real name

and for Hollywood 9826

Your Native American Name is

Machakw, meaning horny toad
Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

Diggin the Native American Indian tribe names:

My take:

Hollywood: black bear that runs along dike
Downs: wolf in fox skin
Zapvor: squirrel with many nut loves
Xisbum: white snow under color sunset
Topaz: owl screech of the tiebreak
Sappy: round hut with pork smell
Jrk: cousin of Sasquatch with jerk breath
Dats: Indian with many arrows and no bow.
Aussie: walk with wet feet in puddle
Tennismonkey: Indian of many children and seldom appearance.
HA. Checked out Xis Bum and came up with Apenimon Nahiossi (Trustworthy One with Three Fingers); I presume that refers to Jack Daniels since I don't drink scotch. A little rye on occasion, but never scotch.

Checked out my real name and got Langundo Kajika (Peaceful One Who Walks Without Sound). Y'all tell me which one fits.

Kinda partial to Nuwanda from Dead Poets myself.

Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

Pitchers & Catchers: mid-Feb. What a Valentine's Day present!

Side note: if you get SI, there's a full-page ad from the Bud folks that brought me to tears: Big '6' on fabric background with the title "The E.R.A. in Heaven is about to go way up." No other adverts on their part other than the logo and a "Thanks for the Great Times". In an issue with with sports "hoaxes" (Te'o & Lance), they still devoted 3+ pages to "The Man" (with another 2-column short on Weaver and described him as the Mozart of managerial ejections...LOL).

Damn, I miss The Game. I just lost it all with the 'roid rage. I'd much rather have sat through an "almost" no-no...then seen so many balls jacked outa the park.
Saw that SI, and the tributes to Earl and Stan are classy and wonderful, as is the Budweiser ad. I still won't drink their beer, but I will toast the gesture with a Guinness or Sam Adams.

And a tip of the old tam o'shanter to you, Ms. Queen. Not too often do we guys find a woman who appreciates and understands what some of us still consider the National Pasttime. You rock, sister.
"You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down." - Tom Petty
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