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Originally Posted by ctoth666 View Post
A physically fit and fresh, in-onimous-form Federer couldn't even beat a less than 100% Nadal on this court in 2009, when Federer was playing better tennis than he is now.
Certainly not, he was on the brink of losing in the 4th round and made a career highest # of doublefaults in any slam tourney, he was in good form but "in-onimous" it was not (that would be something like 2005 or 2007 AO)..

Regarding Nadal being less than 100%, considering that that's the only time the guy actually won AO, that's a ridiculous statement.

BTW. If Gonzo is so weak, how come he managed to blast mighty GOAT Nadal off court in his AO run?

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