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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
If you read the Talent Code, these little hotbeds come and go all the time. The Belgians thought they had the women's market with Henin and Clijsters and that was about it for the dominance of that country, the Russians with Spartak, etc. The odds are these 3 successful Chinese women will be the peak of the 'invasion' which will never materialize.

The coach I talked with at length on Monday sees nothing about recruiting all these poor kids for tennis. I think I will trust him since he is closely involved.
Wikipedia of Li Na, Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai show the parents of these ladies were not considered poor. They were far from being considered rich either. I guess I was reading too much about the stories of Olympic medalists, many of them are from poor families. So, I was likely wrong in assuming the same for these most successful women tennis players and the juniors that are training hard. However, I am confident that Li Na won't be the last Chinese woman to win a grand slam, so long as tennis remains an Olympic sport.
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