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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
i compared roddick and sampras service games won at slams and in these categories

-total service games won for each slam
-round 1 to round 4 for each slam
-quarterfinal to final for each slam

since roddick never advanced past 4R at roland garros, we can leave that out (enough to say sampras has better stat at rg, 82.9% against 81.7% for roddick)

i got some really interesting results, here they are;

australian open


sampras 89.3%
roddick 90.5%

R1 to R4

sampras 90.1%
roddick 93.1%

QF to F

sampras 87.6%
roddick 82.3%



sampras 94.1%
roddick 93.4%

R1 to R4

sampras 94.2%
roddick 94.6%

QF to F

sampras 94%
roddick 90.2%

us open


sampras 91.6%
roddick 91%

R1 to R4

sampras 92.3%
roddick 93%

QF to F

sampras 90.2%
roddick 84.8%

- so roddick leads in their total at AO, and is only slightly behind at USO and W

- roddick leads at all 3 slams in first 4 rounds, even at wimbledon, and is quite better at AO

- sampras leads huge at all 3 slams from QF to F

i'll let you draw the conclusions, can't write anymore
This doesn't necessarily mean that Sampras had a better serve, just more tools to back up the serve when it came back with some interest. Better players (i.e. those you can find from the QF to F) are generally better returners, so its not surprise Roddick suffered in those comparisons with Petros, having a mediocre ground game and volleys. But as a pure shot, his serve must surely be up there with Petros.
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